17 comments on “Same Sex Blasphemy: Biblical justification for homosexuality?

  1. all you are doing is “speaking the truth of the scripture”, really? Calling people you don’t agree with derogatory names (‘homofacist’), your scripture tells you to do that does it?

    For the record, the marriage rights that same-sex couples want are CIVIL MARRIAGE not religious marriage. You are free to deny anyone you want marriage (or communion) in your church.


    • Ken,

      Thanks indeed for your reply. Yes, speaking the truth of Scripture is EXACTLY what I did. I picked that name as a brief descriptive of how these people behave (not homosexuals in general, I wanted to make a distinction). People deny the existence of a militant gay lobby. Thus, the distinction is made. And if it’s not how you feel they act, you are either blind or blissfully ignorant.

      That being said, for the record, I fully intend on going into why denying CIVIL marriage to same-sex couples is a very wise thing to do for America in future posts. And also, FOR THE RECORD, were I a full-time pastor I wouldn’t deny marriage or communion to a homosexual…as soon as they repented of their sin, and had an opposite sex partner.


  2. So, are you claiming that “homofacist” isn’t a derogatory term? Or that it is okay to use derogatory terms as long as you believe the people deserve to be called names? Or is there some other point that I’m missing?

    And just to be clear, who are you referring to with the term, specifically? I.e. how about a few names so I can get an idea of what you mean by “militant gay lobby”.


    • Ken,

      Was just about to get to that. Might be a derogatory term. But, for one, it’s nothing that others who object to SSM on other than religious terms haven’t also used, like Limbaugh or Mark Levin. Like I said, it’s a term I used to distinguish between your garden-variety gay people and those who would attempt to silence the Church on these matters, and force their own agenda by law on the people of America. Also, is it any more derogatory than “bigot”, “racist”, “homophobe” or any of the other multiple derogatory terms these people have for Christians?

      Homofacists AKA the gay militant lobby. Let’s see who I could include in that group…let’s start with the activist federal judges that overruled the laws banning SSM in Utah, South Carolina, and recently, Virginia, voted in by the people of those states by popular vote. Judicial tyranny is another topic coming soon to this page. Several in the entertainment industry, including A&E, who bowed to pressure from GLAAD to suspend the Duck Dynasty for doing less than what I did here. Pick a movie star on the topic. GLAAD, GLSEN, NAMBLA, to name a few special interest lobbies for SSM. Most of your labor unions are pro-SSM, basically because they’re so in bed with the DNC they wouldn’t dare stray from the party line. Basically anyone with a progressive liberal political agenda.

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      • so back to my original question, you believe your religion says it is okay to denigrate others, by using derogatory terms to describe them?


      • Homofascists. So question: what do you call Christians like RJ Rushdoony (a Reconstructionist/theonomist) who believes heresy and blasphemy should be punished with fines or imprisonment and homosexuals (along with “incorrigible” youths) should get the death penalty? Would you agree that he’s a “Christofascist”?


      • Absolutely I would, and thank you for bringing that up. I believe that I mentioned int he article that there are extremists on both sides, and I hold to that. I also believe that I mentioned others of that caliber (AKA Westboro Baptist and their ilk) with similar disdain in part 2 of this series, Homofascism Defined. On strict definition, I would say yes there are “Christofascists”. In this particular instance, however, I would label THIS guy more along the lines of “heretic” and dismiss him out of hand before it even got to that.

        We believers who practice our beliefs in facets outside the 4 walls of our Church don’t necessarily want some kind of Christian “Sharia law”. All we asked is that our voice be heard in the public square without fear of the types of BDS-esque reprisals that are starting to come out in modern society.

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  3. Did I use a derogatory term? Facism is a system of government. Homofascism is simply that system of government; fascist in nature, that uses homosexuality to rally supporters and sympathizers, like yourself, to it’s cause. It’s a term of description, no different that calling someone a Christian conservative, or a Tea Bagger. Does my religion say it’s OK to call people those names? Other, less than kind terms, were used for the enemies of Israel in the Bible, like ‘uncircumcised Philistine’.

    What it sounds like to me is you want me to treat people with kid gloves while they can say or do whatever they want when it comes to me. What I used isn’t a denigrating term, and if that’s your biggest point, you’re really stretching. I could’ve called them Fluffies and you would’ve said it was a denigrating term, because you’re doing nothing other than to try and say I’m wrong because I’m playing by something other than what you think should be my rules. I’m not going to type oout every detail of the militant gay agenda every time I point them out. I gave them a name so I didn’t have to. Could’ve called them Red Doper Diaper Babies like Levin, but that’s denigrating, and I chose not to use it.

    This is nothing more than a lame attempt to make me out to be some kind of bigot. If that’s the best you’ve got, nice try. Godwin’s law-if you don’t agree with me and I can’t demolish your argument, I’m going to label you a racist or some other type of prejudicial person to attempt to smear your credibility. Not going to fall for it. I won’t say right or wrong, but the Bible has used worse terms to describe the enemies of Israel and Israel’s God. Take it however you like.

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    • “Might be a derogatory term.”

      your own words. “homofascist” is a made up term, and by your own admission, you apply it to such a wide group of people, it basically means anybody who disagrees with you.

      You don’t discuss, you attack and demean those you disagree with, and that is what you think being christian is?


      • No, that’s not what I feel being a Christian is, nor did I write the article to discuss what being a Christian is. You seem to be bound and determined to stick me with the “meanie Christian homophobe” tag because you can’t deal with the fact that I’m right as far as what I wrote, so you intend on shifting the topic, and I won’t stoop to the argument any longer. Yes, I think it perfectly OK to use the term “homofascist” and be a Christian. End of discussion.


  4. You are right, I’m not interested in debating scripture with you. What I’m trying to point out is that your use of derogatory terms reflects badly on christians. You insult and denigrate those who disagree with you and wonder why you can’t have an honest open discussion.


  5. “You are right, I’m not interested in debating scripture with you”

    Because you couldn’t if you tried.

    “What I’m trying to point out is that your use of derogatory terms reflects badly on Christians”

    Wrong. What reflects badly on Christians is when folks like yourself bag on the Bible, and insult us calling us homophobe, bigot, intolerant, and backwards, and twist the Scripture, Christians stand aside and do nothing about it because people like you expect us to play by some PC rules you yourselves don’t adhere to. This was a 2,100 word post, and I put 1, exactly 1, non-PC word in it, purposefully (a cop would call it a hold out) to make a point. All the blogosphere should take note. This is the tactic of the militant gay lobby. If they can’t argue with you, they apply a false double standard to Christians especially and attempt to denigrate your argument by enforcing it and then trying to shout you down. Even Christ called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers”.

    “You insult and denigrate those who disagree with you and wonder why you can’t have an honest open discussion.”

    Nobody, especially not you, came here to have an honest, open discussion. Don’t need to agree with you to do that. You came for no other reason than to bash on me using one word that wasn’t even an insult, because debating the Scripture (the whole topic of the article) was something you weren’t interested in debating.

    I’ll go get a cup of coffee while you reply. Gonna be a long morning…


    • I haven’t said anything about your bible, nor called you any of the terms you said. You are making all sorts of assumptions about me because I disagreed with your use of the term “homofacist”. which IS a derogatory term. And your justifications of your use show you intended it in a derogatory manner.

      And it is clear we can’t have a civil discussion.

      good day.


  6. From the urban dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com)

    Homofascist-advocate of an authoritarian system of government and social organization that enables special privileges for homosexuals and makes people of faith subordinate.

    Proof positive that it’s not a term I made up, nor is it a derogatory one.
    Wake up.


  7. Pastor Junior, I really appreciate your comments. I am so tired of being bullied by Christians who think I’ve got it all wrong because I stand on Scripture rather than bow down to the militant gay agenda. I did not expect so much opposition from Christian friends who think I’m sinful for speaking out against the LGBT agenda. This is not just a cultural war. They have won the cultural war by sheer force. It is primarily a spiritual war and they cannot and will not win the spiritual battle. God already has.

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    • Thank you, Helen. It’s really nice to know who’s out there reading and who’s on the front lines of the spiritual and cultural war going on with you. The one thing we always must remember is that we will win.


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