2 comments on “Hangin’ Texas (and some who slip the noose…)

  1. Uuhhh? One of these days when I finf a way how too put it, ill tell you the story of how I was raised by “cradle catholics” but because of my mothers divorce and remarry the catholic church would not except me . I was went to catholic school in the sixth grade and graduated from cental catholic highschool. The whole time watching never being able to particapate. This is what I mean by telling you some day. I watch the catholics but always not judging, seen them most not all for the rule tellers and rule breakers. Akways felt even though I respected and believed the faith they were still not properly practicing. What I just read gave me flash backs and is how much I try to hold to the gospels and christs ministry its just hard when the people surrounding are content with what they believe and the catholic church says is ok and not ok. Regardless of what the catholic church does or says I still read the gospels and other books and recieve it how it is given. What you just talked about and what you said is a lot how I thought of the people around me and the chatholic church I was apart of but actually couldnt be apart of. Messed up isnt. I am now finally at age 39 babtized recieved first communion with my son and daughter and wife, also confirmed with my wife all at the same time. It was one of my most favorite memories bacically my favorite. But the rest is a whole nother story.


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