3 comments on “For once, I agree with the Pope (don’t get used to it)!

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  2. Totally agree. People do not understand that blood has a voice. When Cain slew Abel , Abel’s blood cried out to God. This why this country and the world is in the shape that it’s in. The shedding of innocent blood. God does not accept or tolerate the shedding of innocent blood. Even the Mormon’s got it right. In their book Pearl of Great Price, it says that “the shedding of innocent blood is worse than whoredom”. For all of those who read this and get offended, you need to get the offense off of your shoulder. Wake up and smell the coffee. So the doctors that perform these barbaric services are nothing more than whores on the street. They do it just for the money. remember folks, there is a God in Heaven and he will judge you accordingly to your deeds. By the way, if the shoe fits, wear it.


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